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Patz Fowle in Progress documents Fowle’s art with images from the 80’s–2011 published by BCAC Patz Fowle in Progress (hardback)


Remember When written and illustrated by Patz Fowle   Remember When is an unforgetable, literary gem for all ages


The Sculpture Reference by Arthur Williams is an award-winning reference book featuring the works of living contemporary sculptors, also techniques, tools and terms. (hardback)


China Paint and Overglaze by Paul Lewing Published by the American Ceramic Society (hardback)


Ceramics Monthly Magazine of the American Ceramics Society has featured Fowle’s sculptures in their publications numerous times. International Magazine


Handbuilt Ceramics by Kathy Triplett Lark Books Random House (hardback)


Beginning Sculpture by Arthur Williams is a High School art textbook (Fowle's art & techniques are featured) / Davis Publications. (hardback)


Humor in Craft award-winning hardcover by Brigitte Martin features sculptures and quote by Patz Fowle


Darlington Raceway by Jim Hunter UMI Publications Documented in this hardcover book on NASCAR HISTORY are limited edition Darlington "Pole-Cat" trophies by Patz Fowle. (hardback)


Kakalak 2007 Anthology of Carolina Poets Editors: Beth Cagle Bert, Lisa Zerkleand Richard Allen Taylor features the work of award-winning North and South Carolina Poets and Visual Artists (two of my paintings are in this book) Paperback


Kakalak 2008 Anthology of Carolina Poets Patz Fowle's photograph "Watertrees" is on the book cover and the photograph "Fragile" is featured inside the book.


Kakalak 2009 Anthology of Carolina Poets I received an award for an oil painting inside this book. (Paperback)


ANTENNAE Journal of Nature in Visual Culture “Meet Animal Meat” Fowle’s sculptures are explored by Courtney Lee Weida in this UK Publication Digital


Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences Ceramics and Humour by Deniz Onur Erman volume 51, 2012, Pages 411–415 The World Conference on Design, Arts and Education Antalya, Turkey Digital


Lots of People Love Lake City...a small southern town written & illustrated by Melinda Hoffman. Inspired by talks with Jamie and Janice Graham and Darla Moore (watercolor illustrations)


Gordy's Grimy but Groovy Adventure by Cynthia Wagoner Tate illustrated by Patz Fowle (Paperback)


My Name is Buttonz Written by B.Lee Schmidt and Illustrated by Patz Fowle (Paperback)


Darlington Raceway, Too Tough to Tame Fowle's Pole-Cat sculptures are documented in Cathy Elliott's book on NASCAR History (Paperback)





Patz Fowle's artworks are featured in the following publications:

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