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Patz Fowle is an active member of the National Art Education Association, an approved Teaching-Artist for the South Carolina Arts Commission, Visual Arts Coordinator at the SC Governor's School for Science & Mathematics and the recipient of Arts in Education funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. In addition to providing ceramic workshops for adults, she visits schools as an Artist-in-Residence nationally and internationally! For costs and references please contact or 843.676.5054


It's such a thrill to see the awakening of creativity in others and the personal growth that comes along with it. When you create something by hand it has a profoundly positive effect on the human spirit; it is the ability to allow your mind and heart to soar...using only a paintbrush or a simple lump of clay.  Patz Fowle




Using visual art standards:

Grades 3-12 will create unique sculptures in clay!


The innovative, Patz Process Ceramic Technique makes it fun and easy for students and teachers to hand-build, awesome characters in clay! Get the most out of the hands-on experience by choosing a particular class or grade level. Patz Fowle brings an enthusiastic approach and all the tools necessary for a wonderful, memorable experience. (She can even bring indigenous clay if needed) Below is an example of a one day residency with this amazing artist.

Art Connections: The session begins with an exciting Museum in a Classroom Experience featuring historic, cultural and interesting works of art relating to the residency.

Hands-on: Professional, ceramic artist Patz Fowle will teach students "step-by-step" how to use her straightforward techniques to hand-build their own, unique sculptures in clay. 


(Optional) One day PowerPoint Presentation:

Ms. Fowle will deliver a powerful presentation complete with visuals explaining what it's like to be a professional, contemporary artist. This interactive opportunity with Q & A session, is sure to spark imagination and inspire creativity long after her visit!




High School

Middle School

                               Artist-in-Residence, Workshops or Presentations

Approved Teaching Artist

Exciting, student-friendly post-firing techniques or glaze.

Patz Fowle teaching in Tokyo, Japan

at the American School in Japan


"Catawba Inspired Pottery" with indigenous Terracotta.

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